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>> of first, the deepening ripple effect caused by a the superstore known as sandy. the other major issue the tens of thousands of customers are still in the dark here in our region. the vast majority is in northern virginia. petco tells us that they have restored many. sandy is blamed for 48 deaths and financial analysts say that the storm is responsible for $20
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billion in property damage as well as an additional $30 billion in lost business. we will begin tonight with a problem that is getting worse and could last for days. area wide flooding. we were there as streets turned into rivers in upper marlboro and old town alexandria. >> part of keen street behind me is fine. but look what happened to other parts, under water tonight and it has been under water for hours. you're looking at a block from where the potomac river usually is. it overflowed its banks tonight. you see what happened. what a difference television makes. a few feet lower for me to flooding. the water got to about here. but the sand bags helped keep the water from coming in. a lot of folks around here are a little nervous because this may
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not be over. businesses on king street had to act quickly. businesses near the potomac were already under water and things were getting worse as. >> we came back out and we were, like, holy smokes. >> within 15 minutes, we saw over take both sides of the sidewalk. 50 minutes later, it had overtaken the other side of the street. -- 15 minutes later, it had overtaken the other side of the street. >> alexandria's not the only place dealing with flooding. >> it is crazy to see this. >> floodwaters rushing over a streets and upper marlboro. >> i have never seen it this far under water. >> plenty of people have stopped to take pictures of the flooding. it is a lot more serious if you work or live here.
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but some say flooding as part of being in old town. >> there's nothing we can do about it. what else can we do but sit and watch it come and clean up after it is finished. >> and the moon is influencing the tides around here. there are two more tides that they are worried about here in alexandria. tomorrow and thursday are big concerns because the city is being told that high tide on both those days may be flooding and potentially little worse than what we see in old town tonight. abc7 news. >> we will be monitoring those concerns over flooding over night. and for updates in the morning turn to "good morning washington" starting at a special time, 4:00 a.m., right here on abc 7. >> the major mess up in new york city, here is video from
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manhattan accuse you the scope of the massive power outages. all told, sandy is blamed for 8.5 million power outages. in new york city alone, 2.2 million customers were without cutpower. and the storm is responsible for 18 deaths in new york city. look at this video from earlier today of a flooded tarmac at longoria -- at la guardia international airport. all airport remained closed tonight. and the situation in new jersey remains quite catastrophic. these are aerial pictures of the widespread flooding along the jersey shore. about 30 million customers remain without power tonight. president obama will travel to new jersey for a look at the devastation himself. he has already declared that state a federal disaster area.
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>> let's get to the big screen in our area after dozens of trees have come crashing down into area homes and yards. but for one local homeowner whose home has suffered some sears damage, his restlessness and his -- some serious damage to his restlessness and his appetite may have saved his life. >> take a look here behind me. these are some cut pieces from the massive tree that came crashing down into the roof of this man's house, specifically his bedroom. as you can imagine thankfully, he was not inside. >> i will turn on the like for you, but that would be a luxury. >> still dark and wet. his home is unrecognizable. >> on the wall, part of a minor damage. >> this is the master bedroom. >> his dresser is in pieces. you can see the darkening skies through what was once his ceiling. >> this is a brand going to the
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floor below. >> his bed is still nicely made from the night below. >> a few hours later, i would have been in bed repair. >> is fixing dinner when the power went out. he decided he would finish cooking dinner at his friend's house. that is when the tree came crashing down. a 70-year-old man who just had bypass surgery feeling pretty fortunate tonight. >> might cut as half full. i am still here. >> we are blessed compared to our neighbor. the tree was starting to sway and i said per. i said "lord you take your tree. but please leave our little house alone critical we heard a crash. we ran -- house alone. " we heard a crash. we ran to the window. we had our angels around this house. >> the andersons are glad to see
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that this is not what happened to their home because they are telling me that, in just two weeks, their daughter was going to get married. as for the gentleman who lives at this house, he is looking at a hefty price to fix that home. >> so now let's get to the weather itself has so much of the east coast remains on storm watch. conditions are much calmer now. but what can we expect as people head back to work and school? >> it has been -- what a difference from last night when we had those ferocious winds. as nasty and as much as the damage was around us, you get a sense of the ferocious and historic storm that has really had a terrible on new ew york. here is what is left of the return. we are now getting into the
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south-to-southwesterly wind. there are still snows in the mountains. in lot of us are still officially under flood warnings, but it is really because of what is coming down the potomac. and some of the other streams will be receiving over the next 24 hours. on the other hand, look at the temperatures around the area. if this were a late-december or january. i hope everybody has power back now because temperatures are into the 30's tomorrow morning. some spots to the north will be in the mid-30's. i will show you some of the snow and the timing on the flood crest coming down the potomac when i join you from the bill fort furniture weather center. >> we have some updated numbers from the power companies on
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efforts to restore electricity particularly in virginia which has the highest number of outages. dominion is reporting 45,000 outages. pepco has just 1700 customers without power. p gbge has 2700. this could impact thousands of students going to school tomorrow. >> toppled trees knocked out power to many homes in this spring film never good and it is a frustrating situation. the power was off and then it was restored and then it went off again. crews are still trying to restore power here. folks are also concerned about the lack of power at some areas schools. >> there are two trees down and they are across the lines. >> sandy storm through the spring film never a good, knocking out power to dozens of
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homeowners. >> it was quite a storm. how was sitting outside the window watching, just praying that one would not fall on top of the building. >> the tree that missed his house is now blocking his driveway. but he and his neighbors who have children have bigger worries. dominion crews are working to restore power to homes here, but also to schools throughout the region. fairfax county school officials announced that classes will resume wednesday, but they are not sure what to do about schools that don't have power appeared nearby garfield elementary has lights, but as of tuesday night, about a dozen other schools throughout the county still don't have power. >> that would be a big problem. i have not checked my e-mail or heard anything yet. >> one of the downed trees in this community dressed exactly where the school bus is supposed to pick of children in the morning. >> if you can get to the bus stop, that is the other thing. they just put the high-voltage
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lines back up. they don't put -- they don't pick up the trees. >> hitting schools back on line is a top party. in the event that some schools do not have power in the morning, school officials will make that determination in the morning. we couldn't get a straight answer from fairfax county school officials on exactly what will happen tomorrow in those schools that do not have power. they are also urging parents to be very patient about bus routes because some may be slowed because of things like trees in the road and dominion is also saying they hope to have all customers' power restored by late thursday evening. >> it is also important for folks to know on a broader scale that major school systems across region will be open for classes to markham including d.c. public schools, the systems in montgomery, prince george's, and fax -- and fairfax counties.
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metro rail and bus service will resume regular weekday schedule. >> coming up our reasons best known vacation spot is dealing with a big mess -- our region's best known vacation spot is dealing with a big mess. >> we will go to new york city for the mass destruction. >> sandy has moved on, but
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searching for the stranded and come in a small new york town that is battling fires and the floods. >> while we do with power ravages and flooding, sandy delivered a lot of snow living to the rizzi power outages and flooding, sandy delivered a lot of snow -- sandy delivered a lot of snow to the west of us. >> sandy has moved on, but in garrett county, the snow is coming down. the temperature is dropping and
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the wind is blowing. as the sun went down, the effort to dig out rev up. in garrett county, machines use their power while humans relied on elbow grease. >> this is my home. i choose to live here and i will stay here until the day i die. whether i have to put up with this or whatever. >> thousands of people are dealing with power outages bitter cold and slick conditions. >> it is very bad for me because i cannot get around with a walker with ice and snow. >> homes and businesses are in the dark tonight. the kaiser richbritish truck stop has a generator -- the kaiser ridge truck stock has a generator. >> aid is producing big business.
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-- it is producing big business. >> they cannot cook at home because they don't have power. >> he eventually got his pickup out of the snow. there are thousands of people especially in the more remote areas, the hamlets in the higher elevations who are in a darkened having a lot of trouble getting out of their homes. it could be several days before things get to normal. >> cleanup is now underway in ocean city and people have a long road ahead of them. half of the fishing pier is gone. the board what is covered up in washed up sand. on the bayside of town, more than 60 blocks were totally under water. >> where would you rather be? ocean city or garrett county?
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>> either wind -- -- either one. we talked about the impact more to our north and why it would be significant here. you see those aerials of new jersey, the power of this storm is truly historic. here is how we saw the end of the day here when we had those passing sprinkles and folks were grumbling about the chilly. we had to worry about the heat and humidity. now it is the cold. 42 degrees. folks would be right at home if this were the middle of december. as cold as it was here, look at our high temperature. burlington vt. -- 70 degrees today because of the scope of the star.
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let me take you back 24 hours and watch the spin in the atmosphere, this huge whirlpool board text that was a tropical system that came together with this other way coming through. and now all of that moisture, hill of the tropical moisture is heading out into maine. it is warm rain main right now than it is in washington and certainly warmer than the mountains of west virginia. those are the snows still continuing in the higher elevations of west virginia in some spots like davis of 20 inches of snow. out to the west, temperatures are still in to the 30's. around town tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 30's. as we go to the day, we will see a southerly wind, they like southerly wind. temperatures will rise into the
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mid-50's. the other concern is, at the same time that we see temperatures in a 50's, the rise of the potomac. it did cause all of those power problems. that will be coming down. this is from the folks at the hagel logic -- you can see tomorrow men did to about thursday the crest -- you can see tomorrow mid day to about thursday the crest coming down. bundle up the ghost. temperatures will be into the 40's. in the next seven days we quiet down. a lot of sunshine. for part of the recovery process around here, an extra hour this coming weekend. spring ahead but fall back. >> that would carry me -- that
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would terrify me a ghost in long johns. we have the word on the
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>> the iconic chinatown gates in northwest washington is showing some scars from hurricane sandy. crews removed a chunk of the
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sign. high wind ripped ainto the facades and left a piece of it hanging their. >> we have not talk about sports much lately. >> i am glad to be here. i'm glad to be anywhere. i will introduce you to the latest maryland quarterback who has a linebacker mentality. and the banged ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [
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[ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me but i'm more concerned about the debt our children
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will be left with. i voted for president obama last time but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> the wizards openers season tonight in cleveland, they play hard but came up short against the cavaliers. the cavaliers had their warily. the former dukes' star had 29 points. the wizards when on a 16-0 run in the fourth. look at this. bingo, the wizards first lead of the game. but cleveland took over again in the stretch.
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he goes over to tomand thompson. the redskins were at the halfway point of the season with a 3-5 record. despite unbelievably long injury list rj has the attention of the nation. he has more rushes than any other and converts and an incredibly high rate. so how does the head coach evaluate his rickie? -- his rookiez? -- his rookie? >> he is one of the top passers one of the top rushers offensively doing some good things -- when you have a quarterback with the ability that he has in heavy turnover ratio and have the charisma and the ability to focus week in and we get come it does not matter if it is home more way, he will give you his best shot. that does not happen very often.
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>> you never get tired of seeing that touchdown run. saturday against georgia tech, young sean penn become a 6 feet 1 inch freshman linebacker moves in. petty scored 15 touchdowns last year for roosevelt, threw for over 200 yards, but he has been playing defense. now he has to learn the offense were most freshmen are just learning where the student union is. i went the other way at maryland. i went from quarterback to linebacker, which was much easier. that is a look at sports. >> that players should call you for some advice. >> not this story. i went the other way, brother. [laughter]
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>> don't go anywhere. our special coverage of sandy's aftermath continues over the next half-hour. >> coming up, the disaster in new york and new jersey in the wake of this superstar. >> we will tell you if the flood waters are starting to receive arnott here in old town alexandria. stay tuned. >> bob ryan is updated halloween [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when s's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.

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